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Condolences: It is with the deepest regret I notify all our friends around the world that my "Sensei" Seifuku Nitta Hanshi - Kensei Dokou Kai and the Ryushikaikarate & Universal Arts Association lost the final fight of his life with Cancer at 1:30 pm in Okinawa, Japan. I have never known a more caring and giving teacher.

Goodbye my friend until we meet again in Heaven's dojo. I carry your light in my heart and will continue to give others what you have given me.

- Kenneth Daniels




Our Mission


Welcome to the Shinryu Ryushikai Dojo. We are now located at Okinawa City Awase 5-14-28, Okinawa, Japan.

I have enthusiasticaly taken on the training of pupils from the ages of 5-60 ears old. Our classes are well balanced mix of ages and degrees of belts. We believe that no matter what degree you are, you are always learning, and you are always teaching. The classes are balanced with discipline and dedication. At this Dojo we teach with patience and at the same time, push you into levels you never thought you could obtain. If you want to learn the Original Okinawa Style Karate while on Okinawa this is the place for you and your family.

As you move up in the belts you will receive certification in Okinawa, Japan which will allow you to continue your studies once you retrun to the USA. You can also gain you certification to teach and to mentor begining pupils.
these are a variety of fun interactive disciplines to learn to enjoy either by yourself or with your whole family.

So if you are already on Okinawa, or coming to Okinawa soon, make this Dojo an exciting part of your stay. Not only will you leave with self confidence and self defense, but also with the part of the history and culture of Okinawa.

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Class Moto

I come to you with only Karate.
Empty hands, I have no weapons.
But should I be forced to defend myself my principals, my honor or a matter of life and death;
right or wrong,
then here are my weapons,
Empty hands.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.

+0 (904) 510-9979


Address: 123 TemplateAccess Rd1