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Nitta Seifuku Martial Arts Association (Kaicho)

     Born in the town of Neptune New Jersey , Hanshi Kenneth Daniels started his martial arts journey in 1982 while stationed in Okinawa Japan , since then he has had the blessing to have trained and met with many great karateka from Okinawa and from Israel  where he has trained in Shorin Ryu Karate & Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting system geared strictly for combat . Hanshi Daniels has also trained in Shorin Karate under the late Grandmaster, Hanshi Seifuku Nitta, for over 25 years 



     Now he serves as founder and president to the RYUSHIKAI KARATE DOJO OKINAWA, RYUSHIKAI KEMPO/KOBUDO KAI INTERNATIONAL, and the UNIVERSAL OKINAWA KRAV MAGA FEDERATION. The Hombu Dojo for these organizations are located now at 5-14-28 Awase Okinawa City Okinawa 904-2172, Japan. The  martial arts programs that he teaches at the Hombu include: Shorin Ryu, Lil Dragons and Krav Maga.


     While under the direct discipleship of  Hanshi Seifuku Nitta, founding President to the Kensei Do-ko-Kai, Shihan Daniels has had the pleasure in meeting Hanshi Frank Williams who is the Founder and President

Of the UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION. Being that Shihan Daniels is an active and proud member of the UMAA, he has been appointed as National Director of Japan by Hanshi Williams to oversee the association matters,


     In Japan, Hanshi Daniels also had the privilege in being a part of the IOBK under the guidance of Soke Mike Hancock, Hanshi Daniels holds the rank in Shorin Ryu Karate of 9th Dan, while also holding the prestige title of Senior Advisor in the Universal Okinawa  Krav Maga Associationa under Hanshi Muhammad. Hanshi Daniels  is the only authorized representative in Okinawa Japan  to certify in Krav Maga while under the guidance of  Hanshi Muhammed Antakly from Israel & also Moni Aziki of CKM ( COMMANDO KRAV MAGA).Due to the passing of Nitta Seifuku Hanshi, Hanshi Daniels has accepted all responsibilities & all attributes here on Okinawa and outside of Okinawa of the Kensei Doko Kai and has combined both organizations to form :


To this day he is still teaching in Okinawa, Japan......


KENNETH DANIELS (Hanshi) RYUSHIKAIKARATE OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATE & KOBUDO U.O.K.M.F. www.ryushikaikarate.com www.ryushikaikarate2@hotmail.com www.ryushikaikarate@yahoo.com www.ryushikaikarate@gmail.com kravmagaokinawa@yahoo.com Phone# 090-4510-9979

9th Dan: Kensai Dokukai


Prestigously Ranked:Universal  Okinawa Krav Maga Federation


2nd Level Instructor: Commando Krav Maga

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