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Donald Dike

Senior Advisor, U.S.A.

 9th Dan,

Kensai Dokukai

Mr. Dike's study of the martial arts began in Udorn RTAFB, Thailand under judo Sensei Millon R. Smith in 1967. Since then he has studied several arts under many masters. He spent 20yrs as a student at Hanshi Phillip Koepple’s dojo and taught all the weapons classes there for 15 years. Mr. Dike was one of two permanent members of the kobudo promotion board for his last 5 years in the USKK.

During this time he was also a student of Hanshi Kenneth L. Penland. He was promoted to Shodan in Kobudo in 1990, receiving Shodan certificates from Sensei’s Yuichi Kuda, Phillip Koeppel, and Ken Penland.

Mr. Dike started Jiu-jitsu training under Sensei Alan Cromer, a student of Hanshi Douglas Grose and was promoted to Sandan under him. He is also a Life Member of the AJKA. Mr. Dike trained also under Hanshi Penland in Shorinji Ryu Ju-jitsu attaining trhe rank of 7th Dan in 2004. He currently is a student of Jiu-jitsu Ireland’s Kancho Johnny Lupton and holds the rank of 5th Dan in Akarui-No- Chishiki-Kan Jiu-jitsu.

Mr. Dike is a Life Member of the ISKKF and was promoted to Kyoshi, 7th Dan in Matsumura Shorin Ryu in 2004, and in 2006 was promoted to 7th Dan in Kobudo by Hanshi Penland a week before his death.

Mr. Dike feels very fortunate in having been able to attend seminars by many great karate-ka including Sensei’s Kuda, Oyata, Takayoshi Nagamine, Sensei’s Kimo Wall, Ron Linsey, George Dillman, George Alexander and many others. He has been blessed with the opportunity to learn from these great masters. This is a process he hopes to continue.

Mr. Dike was awarded his Kysohi Title and Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt) by Okinawan Grand Master Seifuku Nitta in Shorin Ryu Karate & Kobudo in June 2008 at the UMAA Summer camp in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Mr. Dike is a Life Member of UMAA and serves as the Universal Martial Arts Association's Special Advisor for Kobudo. He is a sought after Okinawan Kobudo Instructor and is available for Kobudo and Karate seminars throughout the year.

He is a featured Kobudo Instructor for the 2008 UMAA Summer Camp where he will teach Kuda Nitan Bo.

Belt Grading & Certifications:

9th dan, Kensai Dokukai, 8th dan, Jiu-jitsu Ireland


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