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Nitta Seifuku Martial Arts Association

Hanshi Kenneth Daniels: Kaicho

About us

S.N.M.A. has been founded as a non-political martial arts society, that shares promotes, and upholds the knowledge and fighting spirit of the late Seifuku Nitta Hanshi and traditional Karate and Kobudo in general. We look forward to serving schools world wide as their bridge to and foundation in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.

Shihan -Keith Harris , Yondan

Shinseikan Dojo

Whiteville, NC 28472

Shihan- David Pinedo, Rokudan

Goju Kempo Kobudo Dojo

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Shidoin- Migue Paredez, Nidan


Santiago, Dominican  Republic

Let me now how my organization can help you grow...

Kenneth Daniels (Hanshi) - Okinawa, Japan


Contact us!

                             沖縄県沖縄市淡路5-14-28 904-2172、日本

                  Okinawa-ken Okinawa-shi Awase 5 - 14 - 28 904 - 2172, Nihon

KENNETH DANIELS (HANSHI) RYUSHIKAIKARATE OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATE & KOBUDO U.O.K.M.F. www.ryushikaikarate.com www.ryushikaikarate2@hotmail.com www.ryushikaikarate@yahoo.com www.ryushikaikarate@gmail.com kravmagaokinawa@yahoo.com

Phone# 090-4510-9979

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